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a little bit about me

A proud 'geek', I've always enjoy staying current on the latest and greatest in the tech world. This makes developing new skills natural yet exciting. I'm a very social person and I love to share with others as well as learn from them.

I spent the beginning of my adult life working in libraries. This was something I was born into, so to speak. I grew up next door to a library, several of my family worked in libraries and I always felt at home around books. My love for technology led me to a position where I could both utilize my technical skills as well as contribute to what I feel is one of the greatest community resources.

Eventually I moved on to focus on my career in web design and IT consulting for businesses. It's been exlposive and I'm very much enjoying the ride.

I am passionate about web design, development and staying on the bleeding edge of the field. I love being creative, and helping to transform a vision into an online presence that any user will enjoy.